Google Chromebit: Un dongle que convierte tu TV en una Chromebook

Desde hace un tiempo atrás, Google tiene en el mercado un dispositivo llamado Chromecast, que permite ver los contenidos de YouTube y demás aplicaciones de video que tenemos en nuestro smartphone, pero en nuestro televisor, de manera inalámbrica.

Ahora, Google va un poco más allá y presenta elChromebit, un pequeño dongle que conectamos al puerto HDMI del televisor para transformarlo en un ordenador con Chrome OS, es decir, en una Chromebook.

Google Chromebit: Un dongle que convierte tu TV en una Chromebook
Google Chromebit: Un dongle que convierte tu TV en una Chromebook

Las especificaciones del Chromebit son básicas, pero las suficientes para lo que promete: procesador Rockchip RK3288, 2 GB de RAM, gráficas Mali 760 de cuatro núcleos y 16 GB de unidad de disco de estado sólido.

La conectividad, como ya les había mencionado, se da a través de HDMI, pero también tiene Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0 y un puerto USB 2.0.
El precio de este Chromebit será menor a los US$100, y para los interesados, es fabricado por Asus. Su disponibilidad en el mercado está programada para mediados de año.


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  1. Absolutely nothing spceial about this device. It’s nothing more than a netbook only without the functionality of a netbook. The wi-fi only edition was fast, but I returned it since there’s not always a wi-fi connection around. Upon buying the 3G version (which has terribly SLOW speeds compared to T-Mobiles 4G netbooks and 4G laptop sticks) I found out that the service was with Verizon AND only 100MB PER MONTH! In ONE DAY I used up the entire 100MB AND they charge you overages! Their mobile broadband plans are EXTREMELY expensive too just like their cell phone plans and it’s only 3G! Half the time I could not get a signal and ended up having to use wi-fi anyways while people on their Verizon phones were getting 4G. I’ve since then returned this device and bought a T-Mobile netbook with a $30 a month 2GB UNLIMITED that has 4G and wifi and is SOOO much faster than Verizon’s network and Chromebook. The Netbook also does more than the Chromebook can (but of course still not as much as a full size laptop can) and is great for uploading school work to and using on the go. After using the 2GB of unlimited data, your speed does slow down to 3G but I have yet to reach that point. If need be, I can also pay $10 more a month for 5GB of data. Unlike Verizons Chromebook, if you go over your data usage on a T-Mobile Netbook YOU DON’T GET CHARGED OVERAGES! The worst part of this product is the Verizon service, espceially with no notification that you would incur overages after using the meager 100MB of data. To get overage free you have to pay an extra $10 a month on top of their plan and once you hit that overage the device slows down to Edge/2G speed!! If it were 4G and the plans were more affordable or the device was available on other networks, then it would be ok, but it’s just for internet only. Might as well be a non-touch screen tablet with a keyboard attached.

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