Pearson VUE steal information, provider of Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco

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Pearson VUE, a company dedicated to the preparation and issuance of certificates to clients include Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco, confirmed to have been a victim of theft. In its official statement , he reported that “an unauthorized third party inserted malware “in its systemCredential Manager , used to manage certificates and professional licenses.

The company explained:

Pearson VUE steal information, provider of Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco

The unauthorized third unduly granted to certain information relating to a limited number of our users.

Our analysis to date indicates that this problem is isolated in the Credential Manager Pearson VUE system. There are no indications that other systems have been affected.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues into the hands of the proper authorities and an external forensic team to determine the extent of the specific elements and data involved and the origin of the incident. “Because the Credential Manager system is custom-designed to meet specific customer needs, we are working to understand how this incident could have affected each of our customers,” continued the statement.

Others to keep out intruders, Pearson VUE decided to leave offline the system until further notice and is offering free help and support to potential victims lines, though not believed to have leaked information too sensitive – at least, not security numbers social or details of credit cards used for payments.

Subtract see what comprises the “certain information” that the attackers gained access; probably consist of names, addresses and e-mail and phone numbers.

And as often happens in similar cases, when cybercriminals make databases of enterprise customers, it is important to alert potential affected that there is the possibility that they are contacted by scammers trying to get a little more information – or even, some economic return through a scam . Therefore, it is recalled that the company will not request personal information through e-mails or phone calls.

Apologizing for the incident, Pearson VUE concluded: “The customer privacy is a priority for us and we take this responsibility very seriously.”