On the Hunt for Hackers, but Not the Spotlight

Lawrence Baldwin is a dark hero of the Internet whom you have probably never heard of — and for good reason.

A decade ago, Mr. Baldwin made a name for himself and his Atlanta-based security firm, myNetWatchman, by collecting and analyzing digital scourges like malware, and alerting companies to them. He was a fixture on the security conference circuit and was often quoted in the press about security threats.

And then he seemed to disappear. Beyond a bare-bones website and a LinkedIn profile where his only listed interest is “chasing down cybercriminals and smacking them upside the head,” Mr. Baldwin largely vanished from the web.

Cyber Security Concept.

“If you look for me on Google, you’d be hard pressed to find my involvement in anything for the last seven or eight years,” he said.

Yet Mr. Baldwin is well known to a number of large United States banks and financial institutions that have turned to him for help in combating increasingly sophisticated hacking attacks.