Cyber Security World Conference 2014 New York City

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Welcome to Cyber Security World Conference 2014 where renowned information security authorities and innovative service providers will bring their latest thinking to hundreds of senior executives focused on protecting today’s enterprises. Cyber security experts will discuss topics such as protecting individuals and companies against cyber-attacks, biometrics as the future of security, risks brought by mobile computing, and protecting corporate and national infrastructure against foreign attacks.

Cyber Security World Conference 2014 New York City

Topics that Cyber Security World Conference 2014 will discuss include:

  • Cyber Security Megatrends Security Professionals can’t Ignore Today
  • Designing and Managing Effective Information Security Programs
  • Is Biometrics the Key to Personal and Corporate Security?
  • How Hackers Really Operate to Obtain Financial Data
  • Key Considerations about Security in the Internet of Things Age
  • Strengthening the Security of Industry-wide Technology Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security and its Role in the Overall Security of the United States