Here’s why most of us don’t have to worry about ‘WireLurker’ malware

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There are once again some needlessly scary security articles going around, this time concerning “WireLurker”. WireLurker is a form of malware that tries to get people to install it on the Mac so it can access data from the iPhone or iPad over USB. it’s important to point out almost no one reading this is in any immediate danger from WireLurker, and anyone who is can easily avoid it. That being said, what is WireLurker and what’s going on here?

WireLurker' malware
Maiyadi, a third-party Chinese app store offering pirated Mac software, appears to be serving up trojanized versions of popular Mac apps, according to a detailed report from security researchers at Palo Alto Networks. Users download the software expecting to get a free version of an app they’d otherwise have to pay for, but instead are given a modified version of the software that includes WireLurker malware. According to Palo Alto Networks, once WireLurker has infected a user’s machine, it sits waiting for an iOS device to be connected over USB.